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Roughriders 2019 Free Agent Tracker

Published: Wednesday, Nov 27th 2019, 4:11pm

By: Piffles Staff (@PifflesPod)

With the CFL releasing the official list of Saskatchewan Roughrider free agents, Piffles Podcast has created the 2019 Roughrider Free Agent tracker. See who re-signs with the team, and who decides to leave or test the NFL.


Running Backs

RB Marcus Thigpen (I) – Released 2/5

Kienan LaFrance (N) – Signed through 2021 (Dec 16/19)

FB Albert Awachie (N) – Signed through 2021 (Jan 31/20)

RB Jamal Morrow (I) – Signed through 2020 (Nov 28/19)


Emmanuel Arceneaux (I)

Shaq Evans (I) – Signed through 2020 (Feb 7/20)

Naaman Roosevelt (I)

Cory Watson (N) – Retired (Dec 16/19)

Max Zimmerman (G) – Signed through 2020 (Nov 28/19)

Mitchell Picton (N) – Signed (Dec 11/19)


Offensive line

Dariusz Bladek (N) – Signed by the Argos

Philip Blake (N) – Signed by the Argos

Dan Clark (N) – Signed through 2021 (Dec 27/19)

Takoby Cofield (I) – Signed through 2021 (Feb 2/20)

Thaddeus Coleman (I)

Jeremy Zver (N)

Braden Schram (N) – Signed through 2020 (Dec 20/19)

Vincent Roy (N) – Signed through 2020 (Nov 28/19)

Logan Ferland (N) – Signed through 2020 (Nov 28/19)

Cameron Jefferson (I) – Signed (contract length unknown) (Dec 2/19)


Defensive line

Micah Johnson (I) – Signed by the Lions

A.C. Leonard (I) – Signed through 2021 (Jan 21/20)

DL Lavar Edwards (I)

DL Chad Geter (I) – Signed through 2021 (Dec 27/19)

Makana Henry (N) – Signed through 2021 (Nov 29/19)

DL Jordan Reaves (N) – Signed through 2020 (Feb 11/20)

Mathieu Breton (N) – Signed (Dec 11/19)



Brandyn Bartlett (N)

Dyshawn Davis (I)

Solomon Elimimian (I) – Signed through 2020 (Feb 11/2020)

Alexandre Gagne (N) – Signed by the Alouettes

Sam Hurl (N)

Cameron Judge (N) – Signed through 2020 (Feb 2/20)

Derrick Moncrief (I) – Released to pursue NFL (Jan 8/2020)

Jacob Janke (N) – Signed through 2020 (Nov 28/19)


Defensive back

Elie Bouka (N) – Signed through 2021 (Dec 18/19)

Ed Gainey (I) – Signed through 2020 (Feb 6/20)

Nick Marshall (I) – Signed through 2020 (Jan 8/20)

Loucheiz Purifoy (I) – Signed through 2021 (Nov 27/19)

Denzel Radford (N) – Signed by the Argos


Special Teams

LS Jorgen Hug (N) – Signed through 2020 (Jan 14/20)

P Jon Ryan (N) – Signed through 2020 (Feb 5/20)




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