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Roughriders Announce Rookie Camp Cuts

Published: Saturday, May 11th 2024, 2:05pm

To get down to the league mandated roster size of 85 (plus non-counters), the Saskatchewan Roughriders have made the following roster moves. Now while they weren’t able to cut everyone they wanted to, they have cut a lot of them.


Running Back Kennedy Brooks is cut.

Linebacker Jaxon Ciraolo-Brown is cut.

Defensive Back Mark Fields II is gone.

Linebacker Jaylen Moody, they liked your hustle. That’s why it was so hard to cut you.

Congratulations, the rest of you made the (Training Camp) team! Except you (Linebacker Marcus Murphy), you (Defensive Lineman Elijah Ponder) and you (receiver O’Joshua Bunton, who was released earlier)



We’ll discuss some of these roster cuts and how the Riders are looking after the first few days of Training Camp on the next episode of The Piffles Podcast. Be sure to subscribe today!


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