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Roughriders Canadian Depth – How Should the Riders Use Their Draft Picks?

Published: Wednesday, Apr 24th 2024, 12:04am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


It’s one of my favourite times of the calendar… we are one week away from our CFL friends and family sharing Simpsons clips, pictures and memes about the CFL Draft.



Oh and it’s actually one week until the CFL Draft itself, which is pretty important. For the Saskatchewan Roughriders, where do they need the most Canadian help? Let’s take a quick look at their Canadians on the roster now and determine where they need to find additional depth.


Running Backs/Fullbacks: Thomas Bertrand-Hudon, Bruno LaBelle, Morgen Runge

Receivers: Samuel Emilus, Brayden Lenius, Mitch Picton, Kian Schaffer-Baker

Offensive Line: Philip Blake, Logan Ferland, Evan Floren, Zack Fry, Peter Godber, Ryan Sceviour, Noah Zerr


Defensive Line: Charbel Dabire, Nicholas Dheilly, Lake Korte-Moore

Linebackers: A.J. Allen, Adam Auclair, Jaxon Ciraolo-Brown, Matt Dean, Jordan Herdman-Reed, Justin Herdman-Reed, Nick Thomas

Defensive Backs: Jayden Dalke, Jaxon Ford, Nelson Lokombo, Godfrey Onyeka, Kosi Onyeka


Special Teams: Jorgen Hus, Brett Lauther



So just by looking at the positions, the team needs to add one or two bodies on the D-Line. I don’t mind the three guys they have there, but they are rotational players at best right now. Over the next year or so, it would be great to have a starter somewhere on the Defensive Line. I’d expect one of the first two picks the team has will be on a D-Lineman.


The Riders also need some more depth at receiver. I’m a big fan of the group they have right now. But I have to question Brayden Lenius’ health. We haven’t been able to rely on it much in his short career and with both Sam Emilus and Kian Schaffer-Baker getting NFL looks over the last couple of offseasons, there’s definitely reason to want to bring in another one or two guys to develop. I wouldn’t necessarily draft a receiver in the first couple of rounds, but I think the Riders would be foolish to not address it in the middle rounds.


This year, I think the team can take a pass on Defensive Backs and Linebackers. Yes, you need them as Special Teams players, but they have some pretty decent guys here already and really, they only need two starters between the two groups.


And of course, you can never have too many quality Canadian Offensive Linemen. Philip Blake is at the end of his career, while Evan Floren, Zack Fry and Noah Zerr are unproven so far. With the retirement of Logan Bandy last week, there’s definitely even more reason to want the green and white to use one of their first few picks on the O-Line. They’ll also likely use a couple of their later round picks here on players that still have a year of college eligibility left, guys we won’t see until next Training Camp.


I think new Head Coach Corey Mace is going to want to see a strong, tough team in the trenches on both sides of the ball, so I’m expecting at least half (4) of the Riders’ draft picks next Tuesday night to be O & D-Linemen. It’s time the green and white get back to having anchors on those lines for the foreseeable future. 

We’ll find out next week what the team has in mind.


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