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Published: Monday, Jul 9th 2018, 1:07pm

By: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

1 – Calgary (3-0)

2 – Ottawa (2-1)

3 – Hamilton (2-2)

4 – Winnipeg (2-2)

5 – Edmonton (2-2)

6 – Saskatchewan (2-2)

7 – Toronto (1-2)

8 – BC (1-2)

9 – Montreal (1-3)

What a weird season so far this year. Through 4 weeks of the season, the one thing that is for certain is there is a ton of parity in the league between the 2nd place and 7th place teams in the CFL right. Calgary looks like their regular 1st place selves, Montreal and BC look like they are in for ugly seasons of football. The remaining teams all have solid areas of their team (for instances – Winnipeg’s offense or Saskatchewan defense) while still having some problems to work through (see Saskatchewan’s offense, Edmonton’s consistency, etc).

One thing is for certain – we are in for an exciting year of CFL ball. We have seen Hamilton lose to Sask while beating Edmonton. We have seen Saskatchewan beat Toronto, while losing to Montreal. Winnipeg’s offense has been firing on all cylinder’s, but again it’s hard to get a read on a team whose only wins have been against the Alouettes and Lions.

On the other hand – one of these years, when May rules around and pundits start predicting the regular season demise of the Calgary Stampeders, I need to remind myself to stop it. As long as John Hufnagel is steering that ship, I expect their regular season to be filled with calm waters.


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