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Safimod’s 2020 Way To Early Power Rankings

Published: Wednesday, Mar 4th 2020, 6:03pm

Safimod’s Way to Early Power Rankings

  1. 1 – Hamilton
  2. 2 – Calgary
  3. 3 – Saskatchewan
  4. 4 – Winnipeg
  5. 5 – Montreal
  6. 6 – BC
  7. 7 – Toronto
  8. 8 – Edmonton
  9. 9 – Ottawa

It’s hard to argue against the Hamilton Tiger Cats in the top spot. They were the best team overall last season, and somehow managed to get better. They are going to be scary when 2020 kicks off in a couple months.

The Calgary Stampeders and Saskatchewan Roughriders spent much of last season neck and neck, but the Stamps did something they haven’t done in years. They went out and picked up a few pieces in free agency. They also lost a couple of key pieces, but the Stampeders have shown an incredible ability to fill holes when needed. For that alone, I give them the edge. Add in that I’ve been calling for their demise for the last few years and it still hasn’t happened… Maybe if I predict a solid season, they’ll fall back.

Saskatchewan will be fielding much the same team that finished 1st in the West in 2019, but without Derrick Moncrief, Naaman Roosevelt, and depth on the offensive line. Having said that – their receiving corps looks good, and they have had no issues plugging holes in the linebacking group over the last few decades.

I may catch heat for placing the defending champions so low but let’s face it. They were a 4th place team that got hot at the right time. They lost all their QB depth and are heading in to 2020 with Zach Collaros as their only guy with legitimate experience. The 2018 Roughriders would like to have a word with you.

Montreal did a solid job this offseason locking up some of their key players, while still making a few splashes in free agency. While Hamilton is clearly the team to beat out East, Montreal is on their way up. Vernon Adams finally has his legit shot to be “the guy” and I think he runs with it. Look for Montreal to host a playoff game come November (unless the league changes to the 3 v 6/4v5 rule, then who knows).

BC had done a solid job of improving things along both offensive and defensive lines. Add in a solid and proven head coach, and they could be the team to watch out for. They are going to be improved over last year, but in a tough West division – will it be enough?

Toronto was far and away the “winners” of free agency. Assuming “winners” is defined as who threw the most money at as many players as possible. They will be a completely different team when 2020 kicks off in late May. Improved? Perhaps. But they’re going to have to show me something.

I am not entirely sure why I have Edmonton ranked so low, but I suppose they just didn’t do anything to really impress me this offseason. They did revamp their defensive backfield, but unless Trevor Harris has magically learned how to convert red zone trips into touchdowns, its not going to matter.

Ottawa… What else can I say? Prove me wrong, I guess.




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