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Safimod’s 2021 Power Rankings – Week 6

Published: Tuesday, Sep 7th 2021, 2:09pm

Safimod’s Power Rankings – Week 6

  1. 1) Winnipeg
  2. 2) Hamilton
  3. 3) Saskatchewan
  4. 4) Edmonton
  5. 5) Montreal
  6. 6) Toronto
  7. 7) BC
  8. 8) Calgary
  9. 9) Ottawa

I think its damn near impossible to argue with spot 8 and 9 on the power rankings. Currently the bottom two teams in the standings, and deservedly so. While Calgary has some potential to rise back up the rankings, the Ottawa REDBLACKS do not. I hate to say it, but they are just a bad football team.

Winnipeg vaults back in to first place after a convincing 23-8 win over Saskatchewan. Only their 2nd Labour Day Classic win in the past 16 years, but this one was never in doubt. Winnipeg’s offensive and defensive lines took complete control in this game, and it showed. If their offence can really get going, Winnipeg will be hard to beat in 2021.

Hamilton jumps back up to 2nd after their win over Toronto. Hamilton is something of a Jekyll and Hyde team so far this season, but they seem to have rebounded and are back in control of the East. If they continue to play the way they have over the past 2 games, they will be back in place as potential Grey Cup favourites. Time will tell.

Edmonton moves up to 4th this week, with their win in Calgary. After a bad start, they are also rounding back in to form with back-to-back divisional wins over BC and Calgary and find themselves quickly in the discussion for a home playoff spot early in the season. Adding Derrick Moncrief can only mean good things for their defense moving forwards.



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