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Safimod’s Week One Power Rankings

Published: Wednesday, Jun 7th 2023, 2:06pm

  • 1 – Winnipeg
  • 2 – Hamilton
  • 3 – Toronto
  • 4 – Saskatchewan
  • 5 – BC
  • 6 – Calgary
  • 7 – Ottawa
  • 8 – Montreal
  • 9 – Edmonton


Until proven otherwise, Winnipeg has come be at the top of pretty much everyone’s power rankings as we head in to a 2023 season.

With Hamilton hosting the Grey Cup for the 2nd time in 3 years, they look to get back to that Winner’s circle for the first time since the release of Napster. The addition of Bo Levi Mitchell to an already talented roster could help point them in that direction.

As far as Toronto is concerned, I’m not entirely sold on the notion that Chad Kelly is the guy to lead them to glory in 2023. He looked good in a brief stint in the Grey Cup, but it’s a lot different when you come into the season as the guy.

The addition of Trevor Harris and some upgrades along the offensive line could make all the difference in Rider Nation. Harris needed just one drive to give Saskatchewan fans a glimpse of what he can bring. If that new look offensive line can keep him upright, the Riders will be a force to be reckoned with in 2023.

In an ongoing theme this offseason, BC will also have a new look under center when the 2023 season kicks off, with Vernon Adams Jr taking over from Nathan Rourke. As comfortable as VA seems to be in this offense, I’m going to need to see it come together before they move up from the middle of the pack.

Jake Maier is now the undisputed start in Calgary, and we find ourselves in a familiar spot again this offseason. CFL fans from 8 other markets all banding together to ask the question… Is this the year the Stampeders finally miss the playoffs for the first time since 2004? Hell, is this the first year since 20007 that they have a sub 500 record? This writer thinks so.

Ottawa and Edmonton both have a lot of questions heading into the new season. The biggest question of all must be, can they win a game at home this season. Until that happens, they will find themselves at the bottom of the rankings. And yes, I realize the Elks play the Riders in Edmonton this weekend. Yes, I realize I’m tempting fate by calling them out on their inability to win at home. We’ll see which brings out more of the negative juju. That, or the Elks having a “guaranteed win night” in a stadium they can’t seem to remember how to win in.

We will find out very quickly just what Montreal’s new look offense can do this week. For me, there are more questions than answers and until those answers start rolling in, they too will find themselves lounging at the bottom. But at least they get to listen to some sweet Our Lady Peace for their home opener


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