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Saskatchewan Roughriders: 2018 Piffles Predictions

Published: Thursday, Jan 4th 2018, 2:01pm

by Piffles Podcast Staff (@PifflesPod)

We haven’t even hit free agency in the CFL yet, but we at the Piffles Podcast wonder what fun is waiting until rosters are decided to predict the future? Time to break out that crystal ball and look into the future. Without further ado, here’s what Piffles Podcast thinks we see in 2018.

Alex (@RealAlexD):

  1. 1. Zach Collaros will win 2018 Most Outstanding Player. The blockbuster trade made on January 3rd by the Riders gave them their QB of the immediate future and it will pay dividends right away. Collaros hits 5,000 yards and wins the major award.

  2. 2. Chad Owens leads the team in receiving. Owens, Namaan Roosevelt, Duron Carter (maybe), Bakari Grant and Caleb Holley are a scary receiving group and Chad Owens will lead them as the Riders will have four of those receivers all hit 1,000 yards.

  3. 3. Saskatchewan leads the league in QB sacks. The Riders didn’t get a ton of sacks in 2017, in fact, according to CFL.ca, the Riders had the 2nd least amount of sacks with 27, only ahead of Montreal’s 25. To put things into perspective, the Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts had 50 to lead the league. Willie Jefferson will lead the way and Nick James will be a huge reason why the D-Line turns things around in 2018.

  4. 4. The Saskatchewan Roughriders WIN THE GREY CUP! That’s right, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, thanks to Grey Cup MVP Christion Jones complete their rebuild with the best reward possible, a championship! The Riders beat Edmonton at home, Calgary at McMahon Stadium and Hamilton in Edmonton en route to their 3rd Grey Cup title since 2007.

Steve (@Safimod):

  1. 1. Marcus Thigpen will have over 1200 rushing yards. Thigpen showed late in 2017 that he has the wheels and skill to by a dynamic RB in the CFL. I expect not only will Marcus Thigpen start, but he will finish the season with 1200+ rushing yards.

  2. 2. Rob Bagg will bounce back and have over 600 yards receiving. Rob Bagg plays at his best when he as something to prove. Give him the ball and watch him do magic with an outstanding receiving corps in Saskatchewan.

  3. 3. Christion Jones wins the Special Teams Player of the Year award. All Christion Jones has done is make plays. Give him a full season returning kicks and he will make teams pay for kicking to him.

  4. 4. The Riders go perfect at home. Home Field advantage is huge when 30,000 screaming fans have got your back. The Riders will improve upon a 5-4 home record from 2017, with a 9-0 home record in 2018.

Greg (@GregOnSports):

  1. 1. The Riders Special Teams are going to be record breaking. Imagine kicking off in the CFL and your only two options to kick it deep are to either Christion Jones or Marcus Thigpen. If it was me, I would kick it out of bounds. The Riders have 2 of the most dynamic returnmen in the league, and they will cause nightmares for the opposing teams in 2018. The CFL record for team kick return TDs in a season is 5 and for punt returns is 4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Riders take one if not both of those records.

  2. 2. Farewell Kevin Glenn QB, Hello Kevin Glenn QB Coach. With the Riders trading for Zach Collaros there is a glut of young QB talent on the Riders roster. The Riders just released Kevin Glenn and while Glenn showed he still had plenty in the tank on the field, he also showed he could mentor and mould young players like Brandon Bridge. It might be a good time to transition Glenn to the sideline as QB coach, and worst-case scenario the Eskimos need a backup QB, so maybe he becomes the first player to be apart of every team..

  3. 3. Leading the league in Zachs/Zacks. With Collaros in the fold, expect the Riders to add another Zack to the collection with hometown talent, Defensive Lineman Zack Evans. It was borderline insane when the former brain trust gave up both Keith Shologan and Evans in the expansion draft to Ottawa. With free agency looming expect Riders to make a pitch to bring Evans home and bolster the D-line.

  4. 4. Riders to lead the league in receiving yards. Despite Duron Carter currently being a free agent with NFL options, the Riders still have a receiving corps that boasts Bakari Grant, Namaan Roosevelt, Chad Owens, Caleb Holley, Rob Bagg, and Marcus Thigpen. Plus expect Jones and company to bring more athletes to compete and push the incumbents. It doesn’t matter who ends up at QB they will have an embarrassment of riches to pass to, all they need to do is get them the ball.

We also all agree that the Riders will challenge for the best record in the league with the Calgary Stampeders. All the signs are there for a slight Calgary decline and a nice Riders rise. This year we see them battle all season long for that playoff bye.

What are your bold predictions for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2018?


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