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Saskatchewan Roughriders Free Agents – Who Should Stay? PT 1 – Offense

Published: Monday, Oct 30th 2023, 7:10pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Thanks to John Hodge of 3 Down Nation, we have the “unofficial” list of Saskatchewan Roughriders free agents (I say “unofficial” only because the CFL itself hasn’t put out the official list yet). I’m full on in 2024 mode, even though we haven’t even hit the playoffs for this season yet, so I’m looking at which players on this list are worth keeping around and who can be let go to try and catch on elsewhere.


Today, the focus is on the offensive side of the ball.


**Edit – Isaiah Woodley & Riley Schick are no longer able to be brought back as territorial exemptions, they would need to be re-signed as a regular CFL Free Agent**



Jake Dolegala, Mason Fine, Antonio Pipkin, Shea Patterson – Out of this list, I’m only keeping Jake Dolegala. I think with proper coaching, he can be a very good #2 in this league and could be a starter. He has the tools, he just needs a coach to get him there. With Trevor Harris locked up for one more year, you find another couple of young QBs to be the #3 and on the Practice Roster.


Running Backs 

Frankie Hickson, Jamal Morrow, Albert Awachie – I like Jamal Morrow coming back as an insurance piece. I really hope there’s some serious competition for his spot and they can find someone electric that can take that job away. Albert Awachie has a spot on this team too for Special Teams. Not that he’s a MUST, but you have to have those depth/role playing Canadian players around.



Mario Alford, Shawn Bane Jr., Juwan Brescacin, Tevin Jones, Brayden Lenius, Isaiah Woodley – I’ll start with the obvious. Shawn Bane Jr. is an absolute must re-sign. I was pumped when the Riders signed him in free agency in February and he didn’t disappoint. I like Mario Alford, but I wouldn’t break the bank for him, you should be able to find a good returner for less money. Isaiah Woodley is part of the Regina Thunder and I have no doubt they’ll bring him back again as a territorial exemption. The only other one here that I’d bring back is Brayden Lenius, but I do question his role on the team going forward. Is he fine being the #3 or #4 Canadian? He’s a depth guy, which you definitely need, but for a rotational role, is he worth the money?


Offensive Line

Philip Blake, Logan Ferland, Evan Johnson, Colin Kelly, Eric Lofton, Zack Fry, Riley Schick, Jordan Tucker – A group of what ifs… what if Philip Blake & Colin Kelly were healthy all year? Do the QBs get enough time to make plays? I bring back both Blake and Kelly and of course you bring back Logan Ferland. Zack Fry spent the year on the Practice Roster, but I definitely want to bring him back and Riley Schick (also part of the Regina Thunder) should be brought back as a territorial exemption. General Manager Jeremy O’Day HAS to upgrade the O-Line in 2024. The starting group on paper for 2023 looked ok, but injuries happened and there was just no depth. And none of the American tackles (outside of Kelly) really showed much. This NEEDS to be the biggest focus of the team going forward.


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