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Saving the Best for Last – Grey Cup was Excellent End to 2023 CFL Season

Published: Monday, Nov 20th 2023, 12:11pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Bravo, CFL! Bravo!


The 2023 CFL season came to an end last night with one of the better Grey Cup games you will see, with the Montreal Alouettes beating the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 28-24, their first championship since 2010. From all accounts, Grey Cup week in Hamilton looked incredible and it culminated with a story of an underdog winning, which is what everyone (well… not those in Manitoba) loves.


The game itself from beginning to end was a very good one. Montreal battling back at the end of the first quarter, keeping things close. Taking the lead in the 4th, Winnipeg getting a touchdown drive to take back the lead and of course, the drive of Cody Fajardo’s life to win the game with a phenomenal throw to Tyson Philpot with 11 seconds left.


Green Day at halftime was excellent and included an F-Bomb (and a secondary other f-word-bomb), but what I saw on social media was everyone saying how much they loved it. I would have liked more than 4 songs or maybe a mashup of a few more songs, but time constraints and all that jazz. AND there was no in-booth interview with the band in the third quarter! I think I speak for all CFL fans when I say THANK YOU for scrapping that. It’s so awkward and brutal and as much as I love Green Day, I am glad we weren’t subjected to country music loving Glen Suitor trying to fake his way through interviewing a punk band.


The 2023 season ends with an underdog story, a team of “misfit toys” as TSN continuously reminded us on the broadcast, but you can’t help but be happy for Fajardo. He struggled to beat Winnipeg over his career to this point and very few people (myself included) thought he could get it done when it mattered most. Crow served. WHAT A CLUTCH DRIVE to win the Grey Cup!




And it puts an end to the Blue Bombers dynasty talk. More like dy-NO-sty or DIE-nasty, right?


Congrats Hamilton on an excellent Grey Cup week and game and congratulations to the Montreal Alouettes, Jason Mass and Cody Fajardo for the victory. They were scapegoated here in Saskatchewan and in the process of winning the Grey Cup, made the current Rider brass look foolish. Though a big part of the story, good lord TSN, EVERY single interview didn’t have to include a shot at the Rider management. We get it!


We’ll be talking a lot about the Grey Cup on The Piffles Podcast this week and we’ll also be looking closer at Saskatchewan Roughriders free agents and the head coaching search here in Riderville.


Hashtag is it June (May) yet?


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