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Seven Years Later, I Miss Taylor Field More Than Ever

Published: Sunday, Oct 29th 2023, 3:10pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


This morning started out like any other. I got up, walked my dogs and now I sit here with my cup of coffee. Then I looked at the date. October 29th. I open my Facebook Memories and I’m instantly reminded of the final game at Taylor Field seven years ago. And now I’m all in my feels. I loved Taylor Field. It’s where I grew up loving football. Loving the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


My mom couldn’t afford to take me to many games when I was a kid, so we were in the Family Fun Zone when we did go. I caught my fair share of Yellow Pages footballs there in that section. When I was 16, I got my first season tickets. Section 9, Row 1. I caught a ton of little yellow footballs there too. I got that seat in 2003 because I wanted to go to the Grey Cup game and since then, I’ve had season tickets for the green and white. In 2005, my best friend Morgan and I sat in section 39. While the people around us told us they enjoyed having us there, they suggested that maybe we go sit over on the East side of the stadium (can’t say I blame them). So in 2006, we made our move to Section 27, Row 34, Seats 6 & 7 (which I now have mounted in my sports room).


We had some great times over there in section 27. It helped that the team was good, went to four Grey Cups and won two of them in that era, but it was the people around us. It was the atmosphere that I miss so dearly. It was a full on outing, a party any time there was a home game. Life stopped for a day and revolved around going to Taylor Field. It was seeing people you only saw 10 times a year. Sure, you kind of get that now with Mosaic Stadium, but it just isn’t the same. It isn’t Taylor Field.


We’ll all remember the 2007 Labour Day Classic, the 2007 West Semi-Final (still the loudest game in that stadium) and of course the 2013 Grey Cup game. All wonderful memories for what happened on the field that we can cherish as fans forever. And yes, we’ll all remember the final game at Taylor Field where Chris Jones gave everyone a giant middle finger and played Jake friggin Waters (I remember the hugs, the laughs and the tears from that farewell ceremony the most).


But it was the stuff TV didn’t pick up. It was meeting up in the stands with your pals, it was trying to find a new spot in the concourse to stand and talk because some weird liquid was dropping down from the roof onto you. It was going to see your favourite beer lady every game and having a quick chat with her! (Thanks again for the couple dozen free drinks at the last game at Taylor Field!) It was hanging out with my best friend. THAT’S what I’ll remember Taylor Field for.


While Mosaic Stadium is nice and all, it’s not Taylor Field. And seven years after we all gathered at Taylor Field one last time for a Rider game, I get nostalgic for what was the greatest time in my life.


I miss you, Taylor Field.


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