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Sharing YOUR Rider Pride – Week 12 – Janice Owen

Published: Saturday, Sep 1st 2018, 12:09pm

As we all know, Rider Pride is world wide and our goal at the Piffles Podcast in 2018 is to share more of YOUR Rider Pride with the world! That’s why we are running a fan contest! We want to know more about YOU, the great Saskatchewan Roughriders fans!

This week, our spotlight is on Janice Owen of Warman, SK!

How long have you been a Rider fan?

All my life!! (29+ years!!)

How did you get into cheering for the Riders in the first place?

As a kid, my dad had season tickets (right behind the Rider bench), and although I never got to go to many with him, he exuded the Rider Pride. We listened to games on CKRM, cheered/jeered, wore green and anytime Gainer was in town, was like royalty. Rider Pride is “passed down” and in my blood.

What is your first Saskatchewan Roughriders memory?

Hmm…that’s tough. Like I said, dad had ST from when I was very young. I remember one game I was fortunate to get to go with dad, and just the whole atmosphere…the DEEEEE chant, seeing Gainer do the lap in his white “gopher hole” car.

Do you have season tickets? Who do you go to games with?

I do!! Lived in Ab for awhile, bought ST when we moved back…in 2009. At first shared with my sister Val and her family, the her hubby wanted to go to all the games, so they got different seats, and I kept the 4 for me and my kids. So I’ve always gone with them…this year I transferred one seat to another sister after my son graduated. Also look forward to sharing games with my Rider family/seatmates.

What is your favourite part of going to a Rider game?

The camraderie, the electric atmosphere, the cheering on the good, and being an armchair coach during the not so good. Getting to see your favorite team play is always a treat for a fan. (And going to Rider games in other cities, and seeing all the green no matter where you are is so cool too!!)

Who is your favourite CURRENT Rider?

Josh Bartel…just because he’s dam funny, and what a leg! (and I love his aussie accent!)

Who is your favourite ALL-TIME Rider?

Bobby Jurassin… hands down! Because Grey Cup win 1989. He was a BEAST. (And as a young girl, he was my crush..lol)

Besides Grey Cups, what is your favourite Rider moment of all time?

The 1989 West Final against Edmonton. I was a new RN that had just moved to Edmonton. Decided last minute to go to the game with my sister. Team was never slated to win (Esks were in midst of their winning years, think they lost like 2 games that year?) And we all know how that game went!!

Finally, what does ‘Rider Pride’ mean to you?

It means cheering for the Riders no matter their record at the time…accepting choices that the executives make (maybe not liking….lol) It means respecting the other teams/fans (especially in their houses…stadiums) And cheering for the logo on the front, not the name on the back (although does not negate being upset when a fav player is released)

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