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Sharing YOUR Rider Pride – Week 5 – Aaron Nagy

Published: Thursday, Jul 12th 2018, 10:07pm

As we all know, Rider Pride is world wide and our goal at the Piffles Podcast in 2018 is to share more of YOUR Rider Pride with the world! That’s why we are running a fan contest! We want to know more about YOU, the great Saskatchewan Roughriders fans!

This week, our spotlight is on Aaron Nagy of Yorkton, SK!

How long have you been a Rider fan?

Since before I was born.

How did you get into cheering for the Riders in the first place?

I became a fan because my parents watched the rider games on tv when I was a kid andirons was grown on me. One thing with rider pride it is infectious once your family has it ,it’s only a matter of time.

What is your first Saskatchewan Roughriders memory?

The first memory was the 1989 Grey Cup. I was a young kid when Dave Ridgway kicked it through the uprights to win it.

Do you have season tickets? Who do you go to games with?

I have had season tickets for years. I also have worked with the team as a game day volunteer. I go to the games with My dad and some times one of his friends join us. When the Rider games are away we usually order pizza and watch together except if it’s in Winnipeg then we head there and watch it.

What is your favourite part of going to a Rider game?

I love the atmosphere of the game. When O Canada starts the skin gets goosebumps and wow it’s amazing. I also like meeting up for pre game parties if I am in town early enough. Then after the game love meeting up with the players to get autographs and to talk with them such great guys.

Do you have any game day rituals?

How could you not? One I have to get up get into my lucky rider shirt. Head to Regina with my Rider tunes like ‘The True North, Strong and Green’ blaring, also ‘Rider Pride’, ‘On Roughriders’, you get the idea. Head to the game, after the game most times meet with the players to talk about the game and get autographs, then head home.

Who is your favourite CURRENT Rider?

Current Rider would be Josh Bartel because he is a punter like I was. He also is one of the most friendly guys you will ever know,. Always talks and is so polite, he also is a great punter he has helped me learn to kick better lol even though it’s like 20 years too late lol.

Who is your favourite ALL-TIME Rider?

That’s a tough one… so many, wow. I’ll narrow it down to Ridgway. He was responsible for the winning points of the 89 Grey Cup and many other games. He was usually pretty automatic within 40 yard range. He also when he retired was third in league scoring history behind Lui Passaglia in bc but that guy never retired lol.

What is your favourite Rider possession?

That would be turf from the old stadium. It was a piece of history, it was from when the installed turf in 2007.

Besides Grey Cups, what is your favourite Rider moment of all time?

That be when Omarr Morgan blocked a field goal to help the riders beat the Eskimos. Wow that was sick he came off the edge it helped us win the game . Man there are so many good memories how about 07 the thunder storm game that was a gooder too. Or how about the Labour Day whip down of 52-0 it was just after me and the wife split up. She was a Bomber fan I called that game karma.

Besides Regina, what is your favourite CFL city to watch a game at?

It have to be Winnipeg. The Banjo Bowl gets pretty intense, the fans are almost as crazy as us.

What is your favourite Rider jersey in your collection?

That would be my dad’s Ron Lancaster jersey, he loved Ronnie. Funny story, I was working with the Riders in 1999 and my Dad had a man crush on Ron Lancaster but never met the guy, I talked to Ron before the game if he could meet with dad after the game he said sure bring him to the locker room, so I got dad from his seat after the game he followed me knowing what was going on, Ron was doing an interview with the media when we got there and looked up at Dad and my Dad was like omg it’s Ron Lancaster, Ron walked away from the interview shook my hand and said hi Aaron this must be your dad then shook Dad’s hand they talked and he signed the jersey. Dad says he still hasn’t washed the jersey or his hand, so this jersey is a fav because the story behind it.

Finally, what does ‘Rider Pride’ mean to you?

Rider pride is pride of being part of bigger picture… not only a team but a big family where the common bond that is a team, we are all apart of something bigger.

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