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Sharing YOUR Rider Pride – Week 6 – Kimberly Petit

Published: Saturday, Jul 21st 2018, 1:07pm

As we all know, Rider Pride is world wide and our goal at the Piffles Podcast in 2018 is to share more of YOUR Rider Pride with the world! That’s why we are running a fan contest! We want to know more about YOU, the great Saskatchewan Roughriders fans!

This week, our spotlight is on Kimberly Petit of Balcarres, SK!

How long have you been a Rider fan?

6 years now.

How did you get into cheering for the Riders in the first place?

A friend of mine wanted to go to a game, I just happened to stumble upon Labour Day classic tickets. Went to the game, I’ve been hooked ever since. I am now a season ticket holder, for the 2nd year. The atmosphere in the stadium is electric, I couldn’t imagine cheering for a better team. Through the highs and the lows, I’m there!

What is your first Saskatchewan Roughriders memory?

My uncle gave me tickets to a Rider game, I believe it was a playoff game, 2007? Anyways, the Riders won that game. It was loud, I was excited even though I didn’t understand the game or really know anything about the Riders. It was a fun time!

Do you have season tickets? Who do you go to games with?

I have season tickets for the second year. I have 2 seats and my cousin has the 2 seats right next to me. I sit with my cousin and her fiancé, I usually take a family member with me.

What is your favourite part of going to a Rider game?

The fans walking into Mosaic Stadium. Just before the Riders take to the field, the music playing, everyone is hyped up. Gainer is pretty entertaining, I love watching him and everyone cheering as he goes around on his cart, engaging with the crowd. Seriously, what’s not to love about going to watch Canadas team?

Do you have any game day rituals?

Kids and I wake up, put on our jerseys, talk about the score. Get ready to go to the game (if it’s at home) or go to the grocery store to make sure we have snacks to eat while we watch the game. I get my kids to practice their cheering for when the Riders score a touchdown.

Who is your favourite CURRENT Rider?

Duron Carter, no questions asked!

Who is your favourite ALL-TIME Rider?

Darian Durant. He has been the ultimate leader on and off the field. I’ve cheered for him during the highs and lows of his career. I was at old Mosaic Stadium when the Riders celebrated him during the last regular season game. When he came back to Saskatchewan last year, I cried during the video tribute.

What is your favourite Rider possession?

A football signed by all the Riders from the 2014 season. I wish I could have gotten my grey cup ticket from 2013 signed, that would have been the ultimate Rider possession I owned. Also, a close second, is the signed program from the 89 grey cup. My dad went to the grey cup that year with one of his friends and when I became a Rider fan, my dad passed that down to me.

Besides Grey Cups, what is your favourite Rider moment of all time?

The west final in 2013 when the Riders kicked around the Stamps. Seriously, never a better moment than when the Riders kick butt against the Stamps.

Besides Regina, what is your favourite CFL city to watch a game at?

I’ve gone to Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton. Out of those, probably Winnipeg. The fans there are just as crazy as Rider fans. Heated rivalry, always entertaining. This year I’ll be travelling to Montreal to take in a game. Let’s see how that goes.

Finally, what does ‘Rider Pride’ mean to you?

Rider pride is your game day ritual, the way you cheer for your team no matter what. Celebrating the victories and brushing off the losses.

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