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Sharing YOUR Rider Pride – Week 9 – Lori Ann Kirby

Published: Monday, Aug 13th 2018, 7:08pm

As we all know, Rider Pride is world wide and our goal at the Piffles Podcast in 2018 is to share more of YOUR Rider Pride with the world! That’s why we are running a fan contest! We want to know more about YOU, the great Saskatchewan Roughriders fans!

This week, our spotlight is on Lori Ann Kirby of Lumsden, SK!

How long have you been a Rider fan?

Since I moved to Regina in 1981 at 17 years of age. My Dad got Corporate seats with his new job. We had never followed football prior to Regina. I started going to High School Football games when I attended Central Collegiate in Grade 11 and started to learn the game & had fun.

How did you get into cheering for the Riders in the first place?

Dad took me to my first CFL game. Gainer won me over. There was a big Canada Goose Mascot there to promote clean water or something. Gainer put on the camo jacket & would stalk the Goose and sneak up and pull a feather out of it’s tail and it would get do mad. That made me want to come back and the game won me over.

What is your first Saskatchewan Roughriders memory?

Once I was 19 I would go to the Rider Pep rallies held the night before games at the Turvey Centre. Bands played, the cheerleaders would dance and players would make an appearance. It was a great party for young adult fans.

Do you have season tickets? Who do you go to games with?

As an adult we had season tickets for a few years when we lived in Yorkton but then the schedule changed to lots of mid-week games and we did not renew. We just go to a few games a year now. We usually watch Rider games with our neighbours or family. I tend to watch all the CFL games.

What is your favourite part of going to a Rider game?

I love the game itself but enjoy the crowd and participating in group cheers etc.

Who is your favourite CURRENT Rider?

When I answered this, it was Rob Bagg. I respect him as an athlete and family man….and those arms!

Who is your favourite ALL-TIME Rider?

I can’t pick just one but my all time roster would include: George Reed, Dressler, Aldag, Elgaard, Makowsky, Jurasin, Eddie Lowe, Ridgeway, Eddie Davis, Hunt, Bagg, Ritchie Hall, Durant…..

Besides Grey Cups, what is your favourite Rider moment of all time?

The 33 hour bus ride to Toronto in ’89. Had lots of fun on the bus and at the game. We had an exchange student from Quebec for 3 months and it was great to see her go from not knowing anything about football to a big CFL fan.

Finally, what does ‘Rider Pride’ mean to you?

It is a collective passion, a sense of belonging to a group and supporting your team in good times and bad!

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