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Steve’s Top 5 Riders to Watch in 2023

Published: Tuesday, May 9th 2023, 8:05pm

By Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)


Ok, peer pressure got to me. Alex started things off and Greg gave his Top 5 Riders to watch this season, so with Rookie Camps starting up tomorrow, I guess I’ll share mine.


5) Jaxon Ford – With Mike Edem’s departure, the safety spot is wide open. While I don’t expect Ford to make the opening day starting spot, he will have as good a chance as any to make an immediate impact on this team. While there may be family history, it is abundantly clear that Jaxon Ford was not drafted on name alone.


4) La’akea Kaho’ohanohano-Davis – I legit know next to nothing about this guy behind his name (hell, his roster profile doesn’t even have a picture on http://Riderville.com).  Simply put, I want him to make the roster on name alone. Because it’s a great one!


3) Eric Lofton – Lofton has bounced around the CFL for the past 5 years (Spent time in Edmonton, and Ottawa, before spending the 2022 season in Winnipeg. On a team desperate for help at the tackle position, Lofton is in the best position of his career to make the starting roster


2) Mario Alford – We know what he can do in the return game. I’m curious to see how much (if at all) he gets involved in the offense. He could be a game breaker ala early Kyran Moore


1) The receiving corps – I realize its kind of cheating to pick an entire group, but it was a volatile offseason in the receivers room for the Riders. Evans – gone. Moore – gone. Williams – gone. KSB – Injured. Who is going to step up and lead this group to start the season?


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