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Streaming the CFL Combine Another Step in Right Direction for League Marketing

Published: Thursday, Mar 21st 2024, 11:03am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The CFL Combine begins today in Winnipeg where prospects will be put through drills in front of coaches and executives of the 9 CFL teams in the hopes of getting drafted at the end of April. And you can watch the Combine if you want! Well, a bit of it, anyways. 


We are in the middle of the dullest point of the CFL season right now and the league needs to keep the fan base interested in their product. Free Agency has come and gone, the draft is still over a month away and the league can’t afford to NOT have the Combine available to their fans. 


The CFL, for whatever reason, decided to stop putting resources into the Combine and stopped streaming it for fans a few years ago. Now, I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you I watch the Combine. Personally, I truly don’t care about the 40 yard dash, bench press and how far a guy can jump. I’ll save that for the coaches and scouts. BUT, I know there is a large part of CFL fans that want to be able to tune in to the Combine and that’s why it’s important that the league is going back to streaming it.


TSN’s Marshall Ferguson is the correct choice to provide commentary (with Duane Forde and Jim Barker also joining) during the events on Thursday and Sunday and while it’s not my cup of tea, I hope that the streaming numbers are good. Today (Thursday), you will be able to see the 40 yard dash and the bench press and one Sunday you can catch the practice and individual drills. Sunday is the interesting day to me. Individual drills… the 1 on 1’s. THAT’S the stuff that I’ll tune in to, not the 40 or bench press. 


But, kudos to the league for putting this back out there for the fans. We talk all the time on The Piffles Podcast about marketing and how the league just NEEDS to get out there, stay out there in the public eye, generate interest and market their stars. Some of these guys at the Combine ARE the stars of tomorrow and you need to be able to start showing the fans what they can do. 


I just wish there was something for the league to stream each day of the Combine and not have a two day gap between. Build off your momentum and keep it going. Regardless, it’s another positive step for the CFL and the marketing of their brand.


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