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The Morning After – Riders Beat up on Bombers in Preseason Opener

Published: Tuesday, May 21st 2024, 6:05am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


How NICE was it to get back into Mosaic Stadium yesterday afternoon to watch OUR Saskatchewan Roughriders back in action? Though it was just a “meaningless” preseason game, the aura felt a bit different when we got our first ‘Bring Em Out’ of the year. It’s a new vibe in Rider Nation and I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve in the regular season.


Riders Bring Em Out in 2024 Preseason Home Game (photo courtesy Alex Dormuth)


As for the game itself yesterday, here’s some of my thoughts on The Morning After:


Receivers Kian Schaeffer-Baker and Shawn Bane Jr. are in midseason form already! Those guys are going to cause problems for teams this year! And how about that great leaping catch from KSB?? LOVE IT! 

And how about Ajou Ajou? A big touchdown off of a really nice catch, but an offside penalty took away another huge play. I think there is really something there with him, but he does need some polishing. I think he has a Practice Roster spot locked down.

KeeSean Johnson and Dohnte Meyers both looked good as well.


Generally, I was pretty happy with the O-Line… though Ryan Sceviour should never be played in the middle ever again. If it came down to it and he was the Center, I’d have some serious concerns… his snaps were BAD.


Riders/Bombers in Preseason action (photo courtesy Alex Dormuth)


Defensive Back Rodney Clemons was EVERYWHERE in that first quarter. And he sacked Chris STEVE-ler first, so he gets a 6-pack of Churchill Brewing Company from Steve!


The QBs… Trevor Harris looked as you would expect. He’s the least of my worries on this team, though. I was a bit surprised that when Mason Fine came in, they didn’t let him throw the ball, he just handed it off a few times then gave way to Antonio Pipkin. As it turns out, Fine tweaked something and was pulled. I didn’t think Pipkin would get to throw it around as much as he did. Shea Patterson looked pretty good, albeit against 3rd and 4th stringers. But it was promising. Right now, he’s gotta be the #2 guy, but we’ll see what the plan is with him and Fine during the game on Saturday in Edmonton.


Tackling appears to be a thing this year! This might be what I’m MOST excited about! 


I liked the little toss play to Thomas Bertrand-Hudon. Tosses don’t happen as much in football anymore and I’d love to see Marc Mueller bring them back once in a while!


Riders/Bombers Preseason Pregame (photo courtesy Amy Dormuth)


I enjoyed the new games in-stadium like ‘The Stats Is Right’. 


Linebacker Diego Fagot’s interception was a thing of beauty. The athleticism he made on that ball to change his direction to pick it off was incredible. I like this guy, I hope he can make the roster.


Alex’s Star of the Game: Running back Frankie Hickson. Why? He showed some nice cuts and burst, but after he got the first touchdown of the game, he ran immediately to the sidelines to hand the ball off to Corey Mace. The players clearly LOVE this man and you can tell by their energy level, that they’ll play damn hard for him. It’s a great change from what we had in 2023. It’s little things like this that I love and that make good teams great.


Next up, the Roughriders have a few more Training Camp practices and then travel to Edmonton for their second and final preseason game on Saturday afternoon. The game won’t be televised, but the Riders are showing the game on the MaxTron at Mosaic Stadium! I’ll be going to watch the game there, hope to see you out there!


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