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The Morning After – Riders Remain Perfect, Win Big Against Ticats

Published: Monday, Jun 24th 2024, 4:06am

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


3 and freakin’ 0! Not only does it feel great having the Riders enter the bye week in first place and perfect on the season, it’s made that much sweeter knowing that Linnipeg is DEAD LAST at 0-3!

Here’s some thoughts on last night’s Riders 36-20 victory over Hamilton on The Morning After.


First, I’ll the first to admit I feared that I saw shades of Darian Durant in 2015 when Trevor Harris got hurt and was limping off of the field in the first half. BUT, he was out there in the 2nd half bouncing around a bit and helping guide the team to victory. The bye week came at a good time, Harris is going to need a bit of time to get right.

And speaking of injuries, let’s hope Marcus Sayles is okay. He was having a significantly better game this week before he got knocked out. Scary moment on the field there for him, but he was able to walk off on his own power, which is always great to see.


Charbel Dabire had a hell of a game! 2 sacks and of course that huge forced fumble as the Ticats were driving. 



I know he’s still pretty raw, but it’s time to get Ajou Ajou in the starting lineup, or at the very least higher up in the rotation. He’s just a big playmaker and honestly, has shown more than Mitch Picton has in years. A STEAL of a draft pick in the 7th round! 


There weren’t a lot of huge runs by A.J. Ouellette, but the O-Line got the run game going and ‘Thor’ nearly had 100 yards on the ground. We’ll definitely be talking about that this week on the show!


As mentioned, hopefully the bye week benefits Trevor Harris because yikes, Shea Patterson didn’t show me much in that second half. I know they cut that playbook down for him, but he just didn’t look comfortable out there.



I love this ball-hawking defense. WOW. Still a few breakdowns, but if we are going to get beat a few times, but get 5 turnovers in a game, I’ll take that trade off. C.J. Avery, Jameer Thurman (who doesn’t love a pick-6?) and Rolan Milligan all were fantastic again this week!

Oh and just how good is the run D? So good that Hamilton only rushed the ball 9 times and Bo Levi Mitchell led them with 17 yards. 


Still not thrilled with the amount of penalties and yards, but let’s be honest, a lot of those calls were complete BS. That officiating crew was doing everything in their power to keep Hamilton on the field late in the game to make it close. 


Overall, I know they have beaten teams that don’t have a win yet, but this is a good team. Corey Mace has them believing and playing for one another, I love what I’m seeing out of this team so far and they are scoring a ton of points! Offensive Coordinator Marc Mueller should get some credit, too! There’s a lot to be excited about here in Riderville!


Alex’s Star of the Game: D-Lineman Charbel Dabire. I can’t say enough good things about him, he’s just a solid player and had a fantastic night last night!


What’s next: The Riders hit the first bye week of the season and then have a Thursday game next week at Mosaic Stadium against the Toronto Argonauts, who will be coming off a shorter rest week.

Be sure to tune into this week’s show when we recap this game and likely have more fun at the expense of Winni… Linnipeg! Subscribe today wherever you download your podcasts, on YouTube or catch the show on SaskTel Max TV on Demand!


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