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The Morning After – The Comeback Kids Do it Again, Riders Now 2-0

Published: Sunday, Jun 16th 2024, 8:06pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


Wow. That’s all I can say about this 2024 Saskatchewan Roughriders team after the first 2 games. Wow. Here’s some thoughts on last night’s Rider dramatic 33-30 win over the Ticats on The Morning After:


First, 2-0 looks AWESOME right now! Especially with Linnipeg being 0-2!


Head Coach Corey Mace has to do something about these penalties, namely the misconducts. I’ll be the first to say that I think a lot of those calls are SOFT, but something has to be done here. Same with all the holding penalties on punt returns. Mario Alford has looked great, but again, had another big return called back. Over 100 yards… gotta get that cleaned up.




DB Marcus Sayles had a night to forget yesterday… he was… ummm… not good. At all. Maybe we give him the benefit of the doubt here in his first game after only being here for 2 weeks, but he looked completely lost ALL game long.


Can I say how much I REALLY love what the Riders offense is doing with Jerreth Sterns? Mr. 2nd Down (thank you, Rod Black) was excellent, yet again!

Speaking of receivers, can I say how much I love Kian Schaffer-Baker? A STEAL for the Riders in the 4th round of the 2020 CFL Draft, KSB is HIM! (do the kids still say that?)


It sucks seeing OL Philip Blake get (seriously?) hurt again. Ryan Sceviour did a fairly decent job after filling in and next week we’ll see what the team’s depth on the O-Line looks like with whichever young guy they bring up to be the 6th man.

Run blocking was an issue again… maybe we just have to get used to it?


The D-Line, well… they were great against the run again. I love that.

But the lack of pass rush over the first 2 games is concerning. I think I’m disappointed because I expect more from the guys we have. I know I’m nitpicking a bit here after a win, but I want to see some chaos around opposing QBs, not a picnic being laid out for them.


I get it, it was the right call on the C.J. Reavis fumble recovery, to give the ball back to Hamilton because Reavis was missing his helmet, but come on, let’s use some common sense here CFL refs! A HUGE momentum swing because of this and it’s not like Reavis was running full tilt with no lid on. I know, player safety and “a rule is a rule” and all that, but it’s just dumb in this instance.


LB C.J. Avery is pretty clutch, no? He has both Riders interceptions this year and both were big time plays. The defense left a lot to be desired today, but when they needed a play, they got one.


Overall, the team has showed a ton of heart and resiliency, something we haven’t seen in a while here in Riderville, but they can’t be putting themselves down double digits all the time. Eventually, that will catch up to them. But a win is a win is a win! A great 4th quarter team! 


Alex’s Star of the Game: The obvious choice is WR Kian Schaffer-Baker with over 100 yards and 2 TDs. Or even QB Trevor Harris with nearly 400 yards passing. But I gotta give it to DB Rolan Milligan. He was EVERYWHERE making plays tonight, was excellent in coverage and was a BEAST on Special Teams. This guy is a certified STUD!


What’s next: We finally get to see the team at home for the home opener! The Riders finish off their back-to-back against the Hamilton Tiger Cats at Mosaic Stadium on Sunday afternoon at 5pm. SEE YOU THERE!!


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