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Top 4 Riders Trade Candidates – Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Apr 2nd 2019, 1:04pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The CFL Draft is now a month away and currently, the Riders have 6 picks in the 8 rounds. To put things in perspective, Hamilton has 5 picks in the first 3 rounds, the first 22 overall selections. Now, that is something I am incredibly jealous of. While the Riders overall Canadian talent isn’t bad, I would like to see Jeremy O’Day improve it drastically over the next few years. After all, the last time the Riders had REALLY strong depth at Canadian positions was 2013. That year went pretty alright, no?

Five projected Canadian starters for the Riders are all over the age of 30 (Clark 30, Lavoie 31, Labatte 32, Blake 33 and Watson 35) and we need to start finding their replacements ASAP.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually saying TRADE these guys, but here’s my top 4 picks for players on the Riders roster right now that would give a good return of draft picks as we look to the future of this team.


  1. Charleston Hughes, DE – He’s still one of the absolute best pass rushers in the league, BUT he is 35 years old. With the acquisitions of Micah Johnson and A.C. Leonard this offseason, added to other guys on the D-Line like Zack Evans and Chad Geter, the D-Line is in good hands. Maybe O’Day goes the Wally Buono route and gets rid of a star player a year early instead of a year late.
  2. Tyler Crapigna, K – This is a no brainer. Crapigna was very good for the Riders before he got hurt and let’s be honest here, Brett Lauther is simply much better. I trust Lauther from 50+ and I haven’t been able to say that about a Rider kicker since Dave Ridgway. Teams will wait to see how Crapigna performs in Training Camp and Preseason first, but if you can get a 3rd or 4th round pick for him, you have to make that deal.
  3. Naaman Roosevelt, WR – I love Roosevelt, I think he can still be a top receiver in this league, but I’m basing this on his recent injury luck, or, lack thereof. He’s had multiple concussions and has had other injuries as well. Plus he’s 31 years old. The Riders are a clear ball control offense and will focus again this year, much like 2018, on running the ball and not turning it over. The Riders have some good young receivers that are only missing experience. Plus I think that Jordan Williams-Lambert makes his way back here this season after his NFL try in Chicago.
  4. Christion Jones, KR/WR – Christion Jones is electric, can change a game and flip a field at an instant… but he doesn’t play offense. If Jones found a way to get reps on O, I wouldn’t put him here. But the Riders have Kryan Moore, Marcus Thigpen and Loucheiz Purifoy that can return. All of those guys have regular roles as well. Keeping a kick returner that doesn’t get any other reps just doesn’t have as much value on the team as the others. Much like Crapigna, if you get a 4th rounder for Jones, I think you have to make that deal.


Again, let me reiterate, I’m not actually saying I want these guys traded… these are just the guys that I think can give the Riders the best return of draft picks without hurting the team too badly by losing them. The more I looked at this roster, the more I love the makeup of this team. It’s a very good mix of vets and young guys ready to become stars. Jeremy O’Day was left a great foundation and this team is going to be good again this year and for years to come… just… find that franchise QB please.


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