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Top 5 – Riders vs Argos Things to Watch

Published: Friday, Jul 28th 2023, 12:07pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


The Riders are Argonauts resume their Touchdown Atlantic series on Saturday afternoon and while I’m expecting the game to be fairly lopsided one way, as always I’m focusing on 5 things for the Riders:


1. Coach Dickenson’s Decisions – I’ve questioned it for years, loved it to start the season and Stephen wrote about it this week… Dickey’s decisions are finally sinking the Riders. Like I’ve said, I like the aggressiveness, but it has to make sense and be at the right time… and lately it hasn’t been. Will he make good decisions this week?


2. Let Fine Cook – Offensive Coordinator Kelly Jeffrey called a horrible game for Mason Fine last week against BC. That can’t happen again. The Argos have been known to give up big plays in their secondary this year… let Fine go out there and try to exploit that! And Mason, PLEASE take a shot or two. Trust yourself. You’ve been around long enough, it’s time to FINE-ally see what you have.


3. Rider Receivers Return – The Riders are welcoming back Brayden Lenius after his stint on the 6-game injured list and Fine will need all the help he can get. I hope there’s no rust for Lenius because he’s a big target that will be needed to make plays. Jake Wieneke should also be returning as well, giving the team that intermediate threat they’ve been missing over the last few games. Getting these guys back (and Kian Schaffer-Baker) in the near future is going to be a huge boost to an offense that can’t score much right now. 


4. Will the Rush Return? – The Riders finally found their pass rush in the first half last week against BC and it kept them in the game. They’ll need to get after Argos QB Chad Kelly, who right now, is the MOP of the CFL, for the Riders to keep this one close.


5. Jet-Lagged – The Riders have a ridiculous travel schedule compared to the Argos this game. The Riders went from Regina to Vancouver, back to Regina, now to Halifax. The Argos went from Toronto to… Hamilton and now Toronto to Halifax. There’s no doubt that the super long flight differences over the last week will be a factor, though the Riders won’t use it as an excuse. Will the Riders feel rested enough with that kind of travel, though? I know, woe is them and all, but it’s a very real thing. Their conditioning late in this game is going to be key.


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