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Trevor Harris Helps Himself, Riders, with Restructured Contract

Published: Tuesday, Jan 9th 2024, 2:01pm

By Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD


Yesterday on the CFL’s Transaction page, it was noted that Roughriders QB Trevor Harris was deleted from the roster and then re-added to the Riders roster. This happens when a player renegotiates their contract for more, or in this case, less guaranteed money in their deal. 


Harris agreeing to a new deal likely means that he takes less of a base salary, but can make up that amount in bonuses and incentives. Makes sense for the Riders to do so, with Harris’ age and missing the back half of last season. And it makes sense for Harris to do this as well. Even if he doesn’t make it ALL back in 2024, he still helped himself on the field.


The freed up cash the Riders have now can be put towards helping Harris out in the best way possible… WITH AN O-LINE! As of right now, Peter Godber is the only returning offensive lineman from last year’s squad. As much as the Riders need an upgrade with that group, continuity is a big thing. Maybe this allows General Manager Jeremy O’Day to lock up Logan Ferland, Colin Kelly or Philip Blake. Guys that will help keep Harris upright. 


Perhaps this extra chunk of change gets Harris a new toy on offense… a running back, perhaps? Both Jamal Morrow and Frankie Hickson are free agents… dare I dream and hope pending free agent from Toronto A.J. Ouellette comes to Rider Nation? Or what about keeping breakout receiver Shawn Bane Jr.


Either way, the Riders need to get Harris some help and by restructuring his contract, Harris helped the team out to get something done.


We should hear the official announcement later today.


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