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Tuesday Takes – October 10

Published: Tuesday, Oct 10th 2017, 1:10pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

Brandon Bridge IS the future of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He needs to start for the Riders the rest of the year. He brings the mobility that Kevin Glenn doesn’t have anymore and the cannon of a right arm he has gives us that deep ball we’ve been missing all year. I’ve said this season that Glenn is the starter and needs to play, but the future is now.

Kevin Glenn also isn’t 100%┬áThere is no way he should be playing right now as his throwing hand is still hurt from September. Other than the 4th quarter against Ottawa last week, Glenn has done nothing since the first half of the Banjo Bowl. He’s great to come off the bench and should be back to the insurance policy for the team. But it’s time. Make the change Chris Jones.

Also, let’s get Brandon Bridge locked up already! Vernon Adams Jr. is the only QB on the Riders roster who is under contract for the 2018 season. He needs to be the team’s #1 priority this offseason if a deal isn’t done by then.

Any doubt that Kienan LaFrance is the best RB on the roster right now while Cameron Marshall is out? Trent Richardson looked like he did in the NFL. He’ll maybe get what’s blocked for him and nothing more. They’d be better off using that roster spot on a backup DB instead of putting Duron Carter out there again…

And why was Duron Carter playing CB after Kacy Rodgers got hurt?? We have Elie Bouka on the roster who was playing CB in the NFL! Put a proper DB in there, not a guy who says he wants to play. The SJ Green TD wasn’t all on Carter, but you can’t put a receiver back there in a zone coverage and expect results.

Still a few issues with the defense, even though overall they are playing pretty well. 6-2 in their last 8 games keeps me from being too upset. Like I’ve said before, they don’t ask how, just how many.

The Riders can but will NOT clinch a playoff spot this weekend. They WILL beat Ottawa, but BC will beat Winnipeg. That will keep the dream of 2nd place still alive, but we will have to wait one more week for BC to lose to Edmonton to put that x next to Saskatchewan in the standings.

After going 3-0 this weekend, fantasy football is great again!

I asked Cliffy D of the Montreal Alouttes FlightDeck podcast who could replace Kavis Reed in Montreal. He shouldn’t be back next year, but I’m not sure who is a legitimate contender to take over the GM or Head Coach role. Who would want to go there right now??

We will discuss the Riders 27-24 win over Toronto on this week’s Piffles Podcast brought to you by Brin Werrett and also look ahead to their upcoming game against Ottawa. We will also have our Coney Island Poutine Cafe Piffles Player Profile and Engaging With the Enemy, so be sure to have a listen to those interviews when we release the show Wednesday.

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Hope that turkey induced coma was worth it and you enjoyed your Thanksgiving long weekend!

Go Riders!


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