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Tuesday Takes – October 3

Published: Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2017, 12:10pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)

Thank goodness the Saskatchewan Roughriders have a good secondary, because that’s the only part of the team keeping them in games the last few weeks. Another dreadful performance from the run D with James Wilder Jr. coming up… yikes. It’s not the players, it’s the schemes. They are being put into poor positions constantly from Chris Jones.

For a team with a lot of playmakers in the LB unit, the Riders sure aren’t making huge plays. Not saying the LBs are bad, because they aren’t. They just aren’t stepping up like the all-stars they have the potential to be.

What’s wrong with the offense? Back to back games they got shut out in the first half and just cannot move the ball? Kevin Glenn’s hand can’t be 100%, he just doesn’t look right. They have enough weapons to overcome Naaman Roosevelt’s injury, but their is little imagination in this offense.

It’s not all negative, Christion Jones was the spark the team needed in Ottawa and he’s been so close to breaking a kick/punt return for a TD many times this season and it finally happened. He’s a special player and a threat every time he gets the ball.

Good on the CFL to admit a mistake on the bogus PI call in the Toronto – Hamilton game. Too bad they can’t admit fault in game and make correct calls when it actually matters to the game.

A lot of whining from Hamilton after their loss to Toronto on the weekend. Some of it is warranted, but you blew a 2 TD lead in the 4th. Bad teams find ways to lose and that’s what happened.

Speaking of bad teams, I’m dead serious when I say Montreal won’t win another game. They’ve quit. No way does Kavis Reed make it to next season. His “vision” of this team looks like the 2011 Saskatchewan Roughriders. There will be consequences.

To the NFL, as a Denver Broncos fan, I’m happy with their win over Oakland, but I feel bad for Derek Carr if he misses more than a couple of weeks. I hate that I like what the Raiders have done with their team the last few years, but for the greater good, I’m glad Denver survived (barely) and it’s always a good day when the Raiders lose.

I still say that the Kansas City Chiefs are the only real threat to New England in the AFC. If KC gets the AFC Championship game at home, they will be Super Bowl bound and I hate it.

Super Cam is back! (I hope, I have him in a fantasy league this year) But his great performance was against the sad sack New England defense. Yikes. Boy are they lucky they have the greatest QB of all time to keep them in it. (PS, they are 0-2 at home and I for one am just giddy about that)

Finally, I know I complain about hockey this early into fall, but I’m just happy that Jaromir Jagr is on a team again. The 2nd all time leading scorer will play what will likely be his final season in Calgary with the Flames. He’s easily my fave player of all time… might be time for a road trip…

We hit the recording studio tonight to record this week’s Piffles Podcast, so keep your eyes peeled for the show on Wednesday morning.We will have a special guest on the show that Rider fans will love to hear from!

It was a heavy weekend with the terrible incidents in Edmonton and Las Vegas, so be sure to hug your family tight. We all love sports, but things like this show what is truly important.


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