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Tuesday Takes – September 26

Published: Tuesday, Sep 26th 2017, 2:09pm

by Alex Dormuth (RealAlexD)

I’m taking a ton of flack for saying the Riders lost their game to Calgary because they got dominated in the trenches. Sorry I’m not this ultra green kool-aid drinking, only see things through green tinted sunglasses Rider fan, but come on. Look at things objectively for a remote second. The Riders barely had the ball and Calgary walked up and down the field at will by giving the ball to Jerome Messam. The Stamps controlled the game (it was 15-2 with about 5 minutes left, after all) and the game was much closer than it could have been.

That said, the defensive secondary played a really good game. Bent, but didn’t break and kept the team in the game. They held the best team in the CFL to no touchdowns and that itself is impressive. It was a physical game and this defense as a unit has proven that they can hang with the big boys and that’s a big confidence boost going into the playoff stretch coming up.

Kudos to Calgary’s defense for shutting down the Riders offense for 55 minutes of that game. Only once prior to the Brandon Bridge TD drive did the Riders even get into field goal range (ended with a Kevin Glenn INT). Credit where credit is due, they, like Chris Jones said, whipped the Riders butts.

Thoughts go out to Naaman Roosevelt who was knocked out after a big hit while catching a ball in the middle of the field. A scary sight to see his arms lock up and not move. I did see a few pictures on Monday night with Roosevelt at Mosaic Stadium watching some football games on the field, so hopefully he can be able to play this week in Ottawa. We will find out Tuesday and Wednesday when the Riders get back to practice.

WHY WASN’T THE CART BROUGHT OUT FOR HIM?? If Randy Ambrosie is serious about player safety, there is no way that Roosevelt should have been allowed to try and walk off the field. We all saw him fall down after that and needed help getting back to the locker room. Even after he fell back down to the ground, why was he not put on a cart??

It will be a crime if Alex Singleton doesn’t win Defensive Player of the Year this season. As great as Ed Gainey has been, especially in the last 6 games, Singleton has been more consistent all year long. I know hindsight is 20/20, but damn I wish we took him in the draft last year instead of Josiah St. John.

Great to meet all the great fans from Calgary who made the trip to Regina for the game. A great group of fans, but even better people. You guys are alright (for Stamps fans!)

Montreal will not win another game all year. The team has quit. It’s not just frustration anymore, they’ve given up and it’s sad to see this happen to Darian Durant. I really want to say he deserves better, but he’s done this to himself. He made a choice to not be in Saskatchewan anymore and these are the consequences (hi Kavis).

Finally, we say farewell and thank you to Ferlin for being with the Piffles Podcast for the last year and a half. Ferlin has decided to step away from the Piffles Podcast and we wish him nothing but the best. For those that don’t know, when we all decided to put this show together, we wanted to have a name that stuck out, was original and still had the Riders name in there someone and it was Ferlin who came up with the idea for the name. Of course Neil “Piffles” Taylor started playing for the team back in 1914 when they were called the Regina Rugby Club and was also a fighter pilot in World War I. Ferlin, thank you for your hard work and effort into making the Piffles Podcast what it is. Without you, there would be no show. Thanks for everything!

We will discuss the Riders 15-9 loss to Calgary on this week’s Piffles Podcast brought to you by Brin Werrett and also look to their upcoming game in Ottawa. You will also hear from Rider Punter Josh Bartel on this week’s Coney Island Poutine Cafe Piffles Player Profile!

In the mean time, give us a follow on Twitter @PifflesPod. Who knows, we may have some more prize draws coming up soon.


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