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Tuesday Takes

Published: Tuesday, Sep 12th 2017, 12:09pm

by Alex Dormuth (RealAlexD)

Riders QB Kevin Glenn didn’t practice on Monday, but with Tuesday’s practice being closed, it makes me think that they will have Glenn take the #1 reps and keep things quiet until Wednesday when they have their final open practice. Brandon Bridge may start the game, but it won’t matter, the Riders will win in Hamilton by double digits.

Despite the 48-28 loss in the Banjo Bowl, the Riders will finish 3rd in the West, beat Winnipeg in the West Semi-Final and get to the West Final against the Stamps. They have a comfy schedule upcoming against all the East teams and they will go on another run.

The Jeff Knox Jr. signing just put the Riders D over the top. Linebackers have been a bit of an issue so far, this solidifies things a bit more. Chris Jones has done a fantastic job this season. Now just get Otha Foster back and we are laughing!

Jason Maas is the reason Edmonton lost against Calgary. He’s a hothead worse than Kent Austin and it’s rubbing off on the rest of the team, causing stupid penalties. It looks great on them. Keep it up Jason!

Calgary will be a scary team when they actually start to play good. They’ve looked average most of the year, but continue to dominate. It’s incredible how good they actually are. One day Rider fans… Craig Reynold’s vision of “sustained success” will be ours and will look like the 2005 – current Stampeders.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats WILL finish 2nd in the East and host a playoff game. Not bad for an 0-8 start.

My goodness the East Division is terrible if that actually happens. Like, we know they are bad, but come on…

Ottawa honouring Henry Burris half a season after he retired was a joke. Absolutely honour him, but it was 11 games after he retired… give it a full season, he was only there for 3 years…

The NFL is a much better place with Marshawn Lynch playing. From giving the middle finger to the Titans bench to spoiling Derek Carr’s post game interviews, he’s must watch. Too bad he plays for those damn Oakland Raiders (BOOOOO).

The Kansas City Chiefs are the only AFC team that could beat New England in the Playoffs.

Adrian Peterson’s look to Head Coach Sean Payton on Monday Night Football was incredible. Peterson barely saw the field against his former team in Minnesota and looked like a child who was told he couldn’t have a candy bar in a grocery store lineup. Sorry All Day, you’re done.

Having CFL games on Sunday afternoons when the NFL is on needs to stop. Do doubleheaders on Friday and Saturday. Montreal is the only exception because of the silly rules at McGill, but no one really wants to watch that dumpster fire right now anyway.

After an 0-3 record this week, I say that fantasy football is stupid*

*Subject to change depending on how well I fare next week

I’m seeing a lot of hockey talk lately… IT’S STILL SUMMER!! Kindly (or not so kindly) go to H-E-double hockey sticks until at least November, hockey… you’re here way too often.


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