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UCF Are My National Champions

Published: Monday, Jan 8th 2018, 4:01pm

by: Stephen Safinuk (@Safimod)

Tonight will be a first in college history, as the NCAA is hosts a game to determine who comes in second in college football in 2017. Why, might you ask? Well that is simple. UCF has already locked up the true National Championship. Just ask their Vice President and Athletic Director Danny White. They had a celebration at Disney World this weekend, have paid their coaches (who are leaving to Nebraska) their National Championship Bonus ($325,000) and are providing the players with rings to celebrate their title. Not to mention they will be raising a National Championship banner too.

You know what – they are right.

I realize, coming from a UCF Knights fan, this might come across as sour grapes, and honestly…it could be, but that’s beside the point. If we were talking about a team I have no vested interest in, perhaps I wouldn’t be quite so vocal.

Here we have the only team in Division I football with an undefeated record, and just as many (3) top 25 wins as, or more than, Alabama(2), Clemson(2), and Georgia (3). They also boasted the highest scoring offense in college football at 48.2 points per game.

“Big deal, 12-0 in the AAC is nothing, they won’t put up a fight against Auburn” they said.

Not only did UCF fight, they beat Auburn in the Peach Bowl by a converted touchdown, without ever trailing in the second half. The same Auburn that beat both teams that will be playing for the CFB National Championship tonight. They were the only team (including Alabama, Georgia and Clemson) to put up more than 30 points on Auburn this season.

There are always omissions when opinion plays a factor in deciding who makes the playoffs in any particular sport, but when a team goes undefeated, including multiple top 25 wins, and only makes it as high as 10th in college rankings, that tells you there is a problem with the system. How do we fix a system that because write off 90% of Division 1 teams before the season even begins? Simple – Move to an , 12 or even 16 team playoff. Throw in the Conference winners plus a handful of teams that can then be picked by a committee if need be. The NCAA is all about the money – why not add 13 extra games to the playoff schedule that will almost assuredly sell out. College Football could use a Cinderella story like Florida Gulf Coast in March Madness. Something that attracts the attention of everyone, and has everyone rooting for an underdog.

Don’t even get me started on Alabama being in the top 4. When you have a 4-team playoff, there is no legitimate argument as to why any conference should have more than one entrant. If you aren’t good enough to win your conference, why should you be considered good enough to compete for a National Championship?

I love the attitude from Danny White and the rest of the University of Central Florida football program. They believe they are national champions, and I am hard pressed to find any argument to say they aren’t.


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