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Welcome to PifflesPodcast.com

Published: Friday, May 5th 2017, 2:05pm

First, thank you for checking the site out. I could give you every single cliché about how this site is a “labour of love”, “dream come true”, “solid effort of many people”, and every single one of them would be true. What started as 2 blogs and a podcast has merged to become one site with so much more. This site is a collaborative effort of bloggers, designers, and podcasters who want to share their love of sports.

We created this site with a few simple rules in mind: Keep it interactive, keep it fan friendly, keep it informative, and keep it fun.

Keep it interactive: Social media is what moves the world now and we are no exceptions. You can find us on twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc. If you have a question for an announced guest, send it in. If you want our opinion on something that is going on in the sporting world we will do our best to find an answer. Need fantasy football advice, we will be your hook up. Without you we are just a group of 5 people yelling at clouds.

Keep it fan friendly: The word “fan” gets kicked around a lot lately. When non-sports fans picture fans they see a crazed lunatic wearing face paint screaming “We’re the devils” at anyone who crosses his path. True fans aren’t necessarily like that. Can they be quirky? Of course they can be. 2 guys on this site wear Jedi costumes to football games. But true fans are also knowledgeable, friendly, and just love the game.

Keep it informative: We are by no means insiders. At the end of the day we are fans like you. There are too many podcasts and blogs that try to be click bait and make outrageous claims to get views, we aren’t going to be that. We will do our best to be correct with everything we bring to this site, and hopefully we can all learn something.

Keep it fun: If it is not fun, it is not worth doing. We just want to have fun doing this, and we hope you can join in with us. There are ton of fun things planned like contests, more designs for the shop (I recommend the “Campbell’s Diving School” T-shirt), segments and interviews with players and media personalities, etc.

Once again thank you for checking us out. Add all of us on twitter, shoot us an email, film an interpretive dance… no matter what you do just let us know what you want to see.



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