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What Rider Nation does…

Published: Wednesday, Nov 22nd 2017, 2:11am

by Greg McCulloch (@GregOnSports)

Stop me if you heard this one before…

Riders start a road playoff game slow. They get behind by sloppy play, maybe even turnovers. Go into the half looking like they are going to get the doors blow off. Then somehow they slowly rally in the third. Then as momentum swings their way they do the unthinkable in the fourth and look like they could win. Raising the hopes of a victory for Rider Nation only to come up short.

Rider Nation is then left to scratch their heads and wonder what happened. Was it bad coaching? Did some players mail it in? A blown call by the officials, both on the field and in the replay booth?

That is your typical Rider Nation playoff experience. If you don’t believe me here is my Facebook post from 2014.

Kind of freaky, isn’t it? Just change that pass interference to roughing the passer and I could have posted that Sunday.

As much losing in the final minute hurts, that’s, unfortunately, part of the allure of Rider Nation. The highs (see 2013) feel so much higher because the lows can be so low (see 2009). It’s a crazy rollercoaster that brings everyone together, players and fans.

So as the CFL heads into the Grey Cup game, Rider Nation will shake this loss off and yet again look ahead to next year.

When the new season comes they will put on their green, show up to game day, and be the best fans in the CFL.

Win or lose.

Because that is just what Rider Nation does.


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