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Zach Attack is Grounded, Time to Fly Air Canada

Published: Sunday, Nov 11th 2018, 2:11pm

by Alex Dormuth (@RealAlexD)


A Dave Naylor-bomb on Saturday night sent Ridernation into a tailspin as he tweeted out that TSN has learned Riders starting QB Zach Colloras will in fact MISS this Western Semi-Final later this afternoon and won’t dress at all, making Brandon Bridge the starter.


Personally, I have little confidence in Brandon Bridge to win this game. He’s regressed BIG TIME this season after having a breakout year last year. My big issue with him is that it’s his 4th CFL season and he can’t throw a simple screen pass or checkdown without it being an inaccurate cannon being thrown. I’m not sure what the change from last year to this year is, but it’s evident. He’s just not a starting QB in the CFL.


BUT, that’s not to say I’m not cheering for him. I hope he proves me and many others wrong as well. We as Rider fans must rally behind him, he DOES have our support and we need to show him this on Sunday afternoon at Mosaic Stadium. Bridge is capable of winning games, he won a few earlier this season while Collaros had his first concussion. And the more I think about it, the more this game may bode well for him than Collaros.


The field is going to be snowy and slippery. Bridge can use his mobility to allude defenders and use his legs to make plays, something Collaros doesn’t often do. It’s going to be a ground and pound kind of game anyway and Bridge won’t be asked to win the game. All he’ll be asked to do is hand the ball off to Cameron Marshall and Marcus Thigpen all game and, as we’ve seen in the last half of the season, the Riders can run the ball on anyone. In the passing game, just hit those screens and dump offs… PLEASE don’t fire those in there (the ball will be frozen and will be tougher to catch anyway, let alone a Bridge pass), find some touch today. As long as there are no turnovers, the Riders have a real shot at this game. Their Defense and Special Teams have carried them all season anyway, what’s one more game?


If Air Canada stalls and gets grounded early, it might be Drew Tate time in Saskatchewan. Oh boy.


My prediction stays the same. Riders win on a last second Brett Lauther field goal.




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