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Tailgating is a great football tradition and this year we have an exciting way for you to participate in this time honoured pasttime. There is nothing better than cooking some good food and passing the time away with your fellow fans while you get primed for the game. Who knows, you might even meet somebody new!

If you’re a fan of the CFL, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. Bring some drinks and some football pride and enjoy the company of friendly Rider fans.

If you’re new to tailgating, here are a few golden rules you should follow to make sure that these functions will be allowed to continue.

Respect the tradition:

We have been tailgating in the same place for over ten years and almost everyone who attends our tailgates has a great time. These things only work because we are responsible and follow our own rules. This season we invite you to join us tailgating at 1554 Elphinstone Street, which is put on by Ricks Fix, the Official Sponsor of the Piffles Podcast tailgate. For us, this is a special part of the game day experience, and we’d like to keep it that way.

Respect the space:

Respecting the space around you is key to keeping our tailgaters a success. You will be tailgating in somebodys’ yard, so we ask that you respect their property.


Make sure to bring your own beverages, and make sure to use the recycling bin on the property. Do not leave bottles/cans lying around the yard. Should you want to bring some form of meat to throw on the grill, by all means do so. Meat offerings are very rarely turned down.

Keep it tidy:

Tailgating can be messy, but when you leave please clean up your stuff. Take with you what you brought, and make sure all garbage is picked up. Be responsible, and don’t leave your mess for others.

ALL fans are welcome:

As CFL fans, we often travel and the CFL is a great way to meet new people. If you’re from out of town and are attending a Rider game, stop by and say hi. All fans, regardless of the team you support, are welcome. Even Stampeder fans.

Have fun and be safe:

Tailgating improves the football experience. We’re all here to have a good time, so come and join us. Above all else, be smart and make sure you have a safe way to get home.

Where is our tailgate party?

The tailgate party is at 1554 Elphinstone Street, hosted by Ricks Fix, the Official Tailgate sponsor of Piffles Podcast

See you there!